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Building security is essential to protecting your company from intruders. One way of doing this is to install a door entry system which will control who accesses your buildings and also when they exit the building. Door entry systems provide cost-effective safety and security solutions, ensuring that only the right people or products go into your building.

Different Types of Door Entry System

Access control system systems are essential for medium to large businesses. The types of door entry system range from basic keypad code entry systems through to biometric readers. A control system can cover give access to a single door or a complete building. Door entry system technology can cover single or multiple sites and even sites linked together.

Common Access Control Systems include:

Zoned andor timed access
Biometric Fingerprint Access Systems
Card Access Systems
Trespass Exclusion Technology

Dettering vandalism and theft while balancing access control requirements of a door entry system are an important decision. The latest technology helps not only easy access for those authorized to do so, but also restricts the entry of unwanted visitors easily. Whether you need access control to a single door or across multiple sites, you will find a suitable system from the many on offer.

Technology has now moved on so much that access control systems that even open at a distance using your existing mobile phone handset are available. You can even let people into your premises from your mobile phone using a call divert feature. So, should you be on the other side of your site or even not on-site at all, you can allow visitors entry so that they can wait for you until you arrive.

Future Access Control Technology and Biometric Entry

The future for security access control is in individual recognition technology. Biometric entry control goes beyond fingerprinting access and uses computerized facial recognition for the tracking of individuals.

Biometric systems not only recognise an individual from their fingerprints, but they can also scan the iris and even voice patterns. This allows fast and easy entry for authorized personnel.

New technology coming onto the market and recently available also now includes the use of smart water technology, which invisibly marks an intruder. They can then be easily identified through using the forensic science service.


Automated Access Control System in Wrexham #Wrexham…

Automated Access Control System in Wrexham #Wrexham